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bp tanker

  1. Pilot Helicopter

    Pilot Helicopter

    Pilot helicopter off Rotterdam in the 70s Helicopters were used in bad weather for certain ships.
  2. British Trent

    British Trent

    A 25,000 ton "River" class product carrier
  3. British Security

    British Security

    Official BP Photo of British Security
  4. British Loyalty

    British Loyalty

    The 22,500 ton (The photo says that, I thought she, and the other Titty Boats were 24,000 tons) British Loyalty
  5. British Patience

    British Patience

    The 250,000 ton British Patience
  6. British Mariner

    British Mariner

  7. British Commodore

    British Commodore

    British Commodore in Table Bay
  8. British Centaur

    British Centaur

    Official BP photo
  9. British Argosy 2

    British Argosy 2

    Official BP photo Of British Argosy.
  10. Play "Spot the bike"

    Play "Spot the bike"

    British Resource, I think
  11. Joining a Big un

    Joining a Big un

  12. BP Swimming Pool

    BP Swimming Pool

    The swimming Pool on a BP "Titty Boat", I think.
  13. British Test

    British Test

    British Test in her heyday
  14. British Resource

    British Resource

    British Resource laid up in Brunei Bay 03/09/75.
  15. British Poplar

    British Poplar

    MV British Poplar under going sea trials 1965
  16. A B.P. tanker

    A B.P. tanker

    This B.P.-tanker followed us for all day eastbound. Not quite parallell course,speed approx 17 knots. She dipped heavilly at times. Photo taken 2 days from Curacao, 26 nov. 1964. We were heading for Liverpool.Just a took.
  17. Unknown Tanker

    Unknown Tanker

    Unknown BP tanker entering Sydney Harbour 1954
  18. BP Tanker Blazer Badge

    BP Tanker Blazer Badge

    When clearing my mum's house lately I came upon this. Unused, as I had the Merchant Navy Crown badge on my blazer from my Pre-Sea days at RGIT in Aberdeen. There were also some epaulette buttons but I binned them, maybe with a touch of regret. Did not find my BP cufflinks, was there a tie and a tie-


  20. Cutaway of BP 42000tdwt

    Cutaway of BP 42000tdwt

    Cutaway diagram of a BPTC 42000dwt tanker.