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  1. SMS Markgraf

    SMS Markgraf 9105 Ship 20210915 MaketariRiSvjNatjeca_066 Author: Iasmina Caza Builder, AG Weser, Bremen. Laid down; November 1911, Launched 4 June 1913, Commissioned; 1 October 1914 ; Fate; Scuttled 21 June 1919 in Gutter Sound, Scapa Flow
  2. Bremen

    Profile plan of TS Bremen / DDQP (1957-1972) ex Pasteur / FNPA (1939-1957)
  3. Bremen

    North German Lloyd's Bremen in the Caribbean during a cruise.
  4. Bremen

    Bremen on a visit to Oslo

    German training ship, the barque BREMEN. I could not find much information, but she was scrapped in 1933 at Hamburg-Moorburg. Who knows her history?

    Accompanying text (translated from German): "German ocean giant "Bremen" detained in New York. New York. The German ocean liner "Bremen", the largest German ship, was detained in New York for 45 hours on the orders of President Roosevelt and was examined for weapons during this time. English...

    Accompanying text: "Completed: 1929 Gross Tonnage 51,731 tons Dimensions: 938 ft. x 102ft. Depth 48ft. Engines: Twelve steam turbines, single-reduction geared Screws: Quadruple Watertight bulkheads: Fourteen Decks: Seven Normal speed: 27.50 knots (She attained a speed of 28.50 knots on...

    Great view of the free port of Bremen.

    NDL liner BREMEN boat drill.
  10. Regina Magna

    Regina Magna ex Bremen at Amsterdam
  11. Bremen

    Bremen German History Museum, Berlin 20 July 2017
  12. Bremen

    Sothern Baltic Sea 17.07.22010
  13. Bremen

    Bremen arriving New-York maybe after her record...?
  14. BREMEN

    German lifeboat BREMEN. Originally built in 1931, but completely rebuilt in 1953 by Fr.-Luerssen-Werft, Bremen-Vegesack. Length 17.5 m, width 4.2 m.
  15. Bremen

    North German Lloyd liner Bremen at an unidentified Caribbean port during a cruise.

    AZAMARA JOURNEY entered the Bunsbüttel locks.
  17. Bremen

    German liner Bremen departing Southampton.
  18. Luxury Liner Row

    Ocean liners fill New York's Piers in this view from February, 1939. This picture was taken shortly after this shot that is looking upriver: ( In this particular image, you can...
  19. Bremen

    known to be the ' Schwabenstein ' at the far end
  20. Bremen

1-20 of 98 Results