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  1. Elly Maersk

    Bremerhaven 17.06.2011
  2. Bremerhaven

    Bow of the A. Pushkin. Tug is Stella. October 5, 1968.
  3. Bremerhaven

    Another view from observation tower at maritime museum.
  4. Bremerhaven

    View from observation tower at maritime museum.
  5. Rusty old whaler

    Pic of my old steam whaler WAL 8, which original was built in the late 1930'ies by Deschimag/ Bremerhaven.
  6. WAL 8 at it's maiden voyage

    Hi all! Last weekend, I've been at a very fine RC Meeting near Flensburg. My whalcatcher WAL 8 got it's baptism there ;). A short video of this meeting could be watch at my youtube-channel. It's availlable in HD quality. Krgds Arne
  7. Europa

    The Europa moves to dry dock on 16 June, 1945. The ship still wears the dazzle paint that had been applied back in 1940 for the planned invasion of Britain. The ship had sat neglected for five years and much work would be needed just to make her seaworthy. She would make her first American...
  8. Europa

    On September 22, 1945, the 16 year old Europa, the third largest liner then afloat, moved under her own power for the first time in six years. Raising more smoke than an entire convoy, and with 4,300 American troops onboard, she headed out of her former home port of Bremerhaven, now operating...

    Danish East Asiatic Co; Built 1972; 2,512 TEU.
  10. Europa

    Europa is seen leaving Bremerhaven early in her career. This scene is a close-up view of this image posted on SN a few years ago. Link:
  11. Bremen

    An early view of the Bremen showing her as built with a pair of low, motor ship type funnels. After passenger complaints of soot collecting on the afterdecks of both of these German record breakers, the two ships had their funnels increased in height by 15 feet, and the low, almost aggressive...
  12. Europa and Bremen

    The two sisters, Europa and Bremen, are seen together at Bremerhaven in this rare shot from March 1930. The Europa had not yet made her maiden voyage, which would begin on 19 March, 1930 and she would take the Westbound Blue Riband from her sister, with a speed of 27.91 knots. The record...
  13. Europa and Bremen

    North German Lloyd's largest and fastest passenger liners Europa (49,746 grt) and Bremen (51,656 grt) seen here at the Columbuskaje in Bremerhaven. They achieved maximum speeds of 27.91 resp. 27.83 kn on the North Atlantic Route and won both the Blue Riband in 1929 and 1930. In June 1933 the...
  14. The SS Europa (later SS Liberté)

    Post card from my mother's 1938 voyage to USA. Back Says: From Bremer[haven] to NY in 5 1/2 days. From Wikipedia: The SS Europa (later SS Liberté) was a 1929 German built ocean liner constructed for the Norddeutsche Lloyd line (NDL) to work the transatlantic sea route. She and her sister...
  15. bremerhaven

    bremerhaven,mar.1996.stena felicity.astra 2,newyork express,costa victoria.
  16. Bremerhaven

  17. Bremerhaven 1991

    Bremerhaven 1991
  18. Bremerhaven

    Bremerhaven,Federal Republic of Germany,1980's.
  19. Bremerhaven

1-20 of 24 Results