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    The ship to the left is Fred Olsen's BRETAGNE of 1937 and I feel that the black funnel on the right belongs to a steamship owned by the same company. M/S Bretagne Call sign: LJKY Class: DNV 1A1 Shipping company: Fred Olsen, Kristiania / Oslo Nationality: Norway Home port: Oslo...

    In the night of 1 to 2 March 1933 a serious collision took place on the New Waterway near Hoek van Holland. The outgoing Danish motor vessel "Bretagne" collided with the English S.S. Redsea at the Berghaven. Because of this collision, the "Bretagne" was grounded half way the North Pier and...
  3. Bretagne

    Bretagne - Portsmouth
  4. Bretagne

    Bretagne - Portsmouth
  5. Bretagne

    Bretagne - Portsmouth
  6. MV Bretagne of 1937

    The Norwegian motor vessel Bretagne seen here shortly after her completion in 1937, apparently after being taken into service by the Olsen Company. The Bretagne (3284 grt / 1960 nrt / 2679 tdw) was ordered in 1936 as a combined passenger-cargo vessel and completed in April 1937 by the Akers...
  7. Bretagne

  8. Bretagne

    Brittany ferry Bretagne about to enter Portsmouth Harbour from St Malo, France a daily crossing.
  9. Bretagne

    Greek Pass/cargo liner BRETAGNE, imo 5053567/ 177m/ 16.355gt/ 18kn/ 1.050 touristic; 02/1952 completed by Atelier et Chantier de La Loire (Penhoet), St. Nazaire, as BRETAGNE for Sté Generale de Transports Maritimes à Vapeur, Marseilles; 1961 BRETAGNE, Europe Australia Line SA, Chandris Group...
  10. Bretagne

    The Bretagne is seen passing in front of Spinnaker Tower, after arriving from Portsmouth
  11. Bretagne

    Bretagne entering Portsmouth Harbour, July 2010
  12. Bretagne Arrival

    The Bretagne seen arrivng in Portsmouth. 28th September 2010
  13. Bretagne

    Bretagne entering Portsmouth Harbour yesterday Saturday 5th September when SN members met at Spice Island. David

    Bluff NZ 23/6/1998 Lauritizen chartered reefer Bretagne at No 5 Berth. Bulk carrier Asean Glory at No 4 Berth.
  15. Bretagne/Brittany

    The Greeks certainly added years and a certain amount of character to the mainly ex-British passenger liners they purchased in the 1960's. This is a one of my favourite shots of Bretagne.
  16. Bretagne

    Brittany Ferries Bretagne leaving Poole, followed by the Poole harbour tug Herbert Ballam.
  17. Bretagne

    Brittany Ferries Bretagne leaving Poole this morning. This was her first visit to Poole, as she is replacing the Barfleur which is currently being repaired at Brest. Bretagne is being called the largest vessel to enter Poole, her draft, tonnage and width exceed the Barfleur, although Barfleur is...
  18. Bretagne

    Brittany Ferries' vessel Bretagne departing Portsmouth Harbour at 1215hrs on 27th December, 2006.
  19. Bretagne

    Bretagne,,,,,Brittany Ferries,,,passing between Jersey and the French coast,,,,taken 17.08.2006
1-19 of 19 Results