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  1. The Bridge
    hello I am looking for bridge picture of oslofjord of 1938. thanks in advance.
  2. Northern Venture bridge console

    Northern Venture bridge console
  3. Northern Venture bridge

    NV bridge from port side showing console and steering stand
  4. Northern Venture bridge

    NV bridge, KH radar, steering stand
  5. The Bridge
    Does anybody have any photographs taken of the radar screen in the 1980s of the amber circular displays that used to sit under a hood for daylight viewing? Despite years of sailing with and looking at them in all weathers, I didn't take a photograph and now find myself in need of one or two. For...
  6. mt VK Eddie

    mt VK Eddie about to lighter in the US Gulf.
  7. m/t "ZALIV VOSTOK"

    Gulf of Aden. Piracy watch.
  8. m/t "ZALIV VOSTOK"

    Antipiracy barrier
  9. Birkenhead Float - Perhaps

    I would very much appreciate any assistance that anyone can give in positively identifying the above, harbour location. A particularly frustrating one for me, for two reasons. Firstly, I have a very vague recollection that I might actually have been present, albeit, as a very young toddler...
  10. City of Agra, 1962

    3rd Mate (name ?), Apprentice Ricky Blades.
  11. On bridge of Alla Tarasova

    Bridge of expedition cruise ship Alla Tarasova (subsequently Clipper Adventurer), Spitsbergen. Capt Sergey Paschov towards left, turned away from camera, beside man with binoculars.
  12. Work experience aboard the Manx Viking

    Having a Dad who was a Chief Engineer certainly had some advantages! Never pursued this opportunity though...
  13. Malacca Bridge

    Malacca Bridge on river Elbe. Sorry, poor quality.
  14. Edith Maersk

    The Bridge of 11000 TEU container ship
  15. Holyhead

    The bridge town to ferry terminal
  16. ORP Blyskawica

    Bridge and radar station, Virtuti Militari
1-20 of 34 Results