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    Reefer (fruit carrier) of 1902, owned by Klaveness, Sandefjord. 1902 Built as BRIGHTON at A/S Framnæs mek. Verksted, Sandefjord, completed at Akers mek. Verksted, Kristiania for A/S D/S Brighton (A. F. Klaveness & Co.), Sandefjord. Launched 11/02 completed in April. She was the first fruit...
  2. Brighton

  3. Brighton

    London, Brighton and South Coast Railway Built 1903
  4. Brighton

    Model of SS Brighton forming part of harbour scene at Newhaven On display at the Newhaven Local and Maritime Museum Also just in view models of tug Foremost 22 and bucket dredger Testside If you visit Newhaven don't miss a call in at this excellent museum!
  5. Brighton

    British Railways Newhaven - Dieppe service
  6. TSS Brighton

    Foredeck of Brighton on voyage to Dieppe 22April1963
  7. Brighton

    The brand new SS Brighton poses for her builders photo
  8. Brighton

    The 1933 built SS Brighton which was lost during WWII seen here announcing her arrival at the port of Dieppe
  9. Brighton

    Being blown home and displaying her rolling tendencies the Newhaven - Dieppe steamer arriving at her home port in gale conditions
  10. Brighton

    Looking immaculate after attention at the railway workshops in Newhaven. The Brighton's hull is painted in blue but not the Monastral Blue that was to become the colour applied to British Rail ships - maybe they couldn't get hold of any at the time so used whatever was to hand!
  11. Brighton

    Built 1950 by Denny for the Newhaven - Dieppe service of British Transport Commission She was 2,575 gross tons, 311 foot x 51 foot and turbine driven with a service speed of 24 knots She later joined the short lived Jersey Lines Channel Islands service as their La Duchesse de Bretagne
  12. Brighton

    The British Transport Commission - Southern Region Ferry Brighton was delivered by Wm Denny in 1950 and placed on the Newhaven - Dieppe service. As she only had limited car accommodation and these needed to be side-loaded, she was replaced in 1966 and sold the following year to Jersey Lines...
  13. Brighton1951-02

    Brighton entering Dieppe for the first time I'd say.
  14. RMS Brighton

    Brighton was one of the last two passenger steamers on the Newhaven/Dieppe route. She had the mail contract, hence RMS.
1-15 of 15 Results