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    Fred Olsen's 1903 built BRILLIANT covered with an ice layer. Built by Nylands Verksted, Kristiania (#139); 1441 grt, 846 nrt, 2130 dwt.; 231.7 x 35.2 x 20.4; triple expansion engine (Nyland), 131 nhp, 750 ihp Later names: Brünhilde, Eduard Geiss.
  2. Brilliant

    At Odda.
  3. Brilliant

    Brilliant 1143 grt. built 1958 in Holland. Owned by William Robertson Shipowners Ltd. Seen at Bristol 25 April 1965 with Woodpulp from Gothenburg.

    The Brilliant at Delfzijl in 1978... BRILLIANT 1958/1143gt Completed in 1958 by Scheepswerf Gideon v/h J. Koster Hzn., Groningen for Scotspark Shipping Co. Ltd., Glasgow, (William Robertson Ltd., managers) Photo © Leo Johannes
  5. HMS Brilliant

    From RFA Plumleaf. April 1982
  6. Brilliant

    Wm. Robertson & Sons (Glasgow) "Brilliant", built 1958, 1143 grt, 224 ft x 34ft beam, seen leaving Goole in the 70's. Definately a Robertson's, with the white line!
  7. Cutty Sark and other ships at Circular Quay, Sydney

    Circular Quay Sydney. 'Brilliant', 'Yallaroi' and 'Cutty Sark' loading wool. Cutty Sark is the small dark one on the outside.
  8. HMS Brilliant

    From RFA Grey Rover. Off Madeira. November 1984
  9. HMS Brilliant

    Cadet Pete Lewington popping over to HMS Brilliant from RFA Grey Rover
1-9 of 9 Results