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  1. Bristol Queen

    A painting in acrylics of the Bristol Queen of P & A Campbell depicted arriving at Ilfracombe
  2. BRISTOL QUEEN coming into port

    Another quick pic, also using Papermate on card and a good bit of finger-rubbing (which caused my paws to turn black, and reminded me of school days!). This tries to show P. and A. Campbell's 'Bristol Queen' (1946, Charles Hill, Bristol), as she pulls alongside a South Wales quay, approximately...
  3. p.s bristol queen

    the bristol queen passing off clovelly,n,devon,mid sixties.
  4. P.S. Bristol Queen

    P.S. Bristol Queen sailing on the River Avon. One of P & A Campbells White Funnel Fleet. Photo by Russell Plummer.
1-4 of 4 Results