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    1897, 24. Juni. 400. Jahrestag der Entdeckung Neufundlands durch Jean Cabot. - Jean Cabots Schiff "Matthew" NW 51 2022 M 400th anniversary of the discovery of Newfoundland by Jean Cabot. - Jean Cabot's ship "Matthew" The Matthew was the ship in which John Cabot sailed from Bristol to North...
  2. s.s. GREAT BRITAIN July 1845.

    Oil on panel, 12 x 16. Dated 2020. Just in case someone is wondering about the dates. The ship's maiden departure was July 1845. Her only every departure from Bristol. Here is the crunch, the Clifton Suspension Bridge was not completed until 1864. My client wanted ship and bridge...
  3. Mail Drop

    Mail drop en route to the Falklands 1982
  4. Heading South

    HMS Bristol en route to the Falklands 1982
  5. M.T. John King-(IMO: 5173905; O.No: 163865)-(Sea King Steam Tug)

    Motor Tug John King, launched, (by Mrs. J. King, wife of James King, Joint Managing Director of C. J. King and Sons Limited), Monday, 21/10/1935, to yard number 238, by Charles Hill and Sons Limited, Albion Yard, Bristol and completed and delivered, February 1936, to Alarm Steam Tug Company...
  6. M.V. Pluto-(IMO 5280007; O.No.183678)-(Bristol Steam Navigation)

    General Cargo, Motor Vessel Pluto, launched, by Mrs. Charles Lovell, (wife of the then, Managing Director of Bristol Steam Navigation Company (Shipowners), Limited), on Tuesday, 23/08/1949, to yard number 357, by Charles Hill and Sons Limited, Albion Yard, Bristol, and completed and delivered...

    HALIFAX CITY IMO 6409698 1964 completed by Burntisland S.B. Co. Ltd., Burntisland for Bristol City Line Ltd. Managers: Charles Hill & Sons, Bristol 6.533GRT, 8.580tdw, 7.100bhp 2SA 6Cy. Fairfield-Rowan/Sulzer, 16kn 1973 thail. NAKHORNTHON 1986 broken up Bangkok

    GLOUCESTER CITY 1954 completed by J.Readhead & Sons Ltd., South Shields for Bristol City Line (Canada) Ltd., Managers: Charles Hill & Sons, Bristol 5.581GRT, 8.500tdw, T3Cyl. + LP turbine 1968 gr. ST. JOHN 1968 wrecked Fort Dauphine, Madagascar on voyage from Montreal to Djakarta
  9. HMS Bristol

    Class of one only.
  10. Bristol waterfront

    Nostalgic view. The vessel I think is ST.DAVIDS.
  11. HMS Bristol

    Bristol lies off Plymoutj Hoe whilst the Red Arrows perform at mast height around her
  12. Steamer on River Avon

    A British cargo steamer on the River Avon just having passed under the Clifton Suspension Bridge below Bristol. The ship looks like being built between 1880 and 1890 and the name consists of two parts. The first has 9 characters and the latter has 5 or 6 characters and reads somewhat like...
  13. HMS Bristol

    Taken whilst fitting out - looks better without the extra funnels which were not yet installed.
  14. Bristol

    Photographed leaving Portsmouth harbour on the 26 April 1988
  15. GG 229 Bristol - hull

    Bristol during outfitting in Hirtshals, summer 2001
  16. SS Great Britain

    SS Great Britain as in 1977
  17. Bath hurst Basin Bristol

    Sand boat at the wharf at the Bath hurst basin Bristol.
  18. HMS Walkerton

    HMS Walkerton at Narrow Quay, Bristol
  19. HMS Walkerton

    HMS Walkerton
1-19 of 48 Results