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  1. Britannic, Queen Mary, Mauretania

    A stern view of the Britannic, Queen Mary, and Mauretania in New York with the camera looking toward the Manhattan skyline. The picture was taken on May 17th, 1951. A bow view of this same scene, also taken from the air, can be seen at the following Link:
  2. Britannic

    Britannic's 1st Class Dining Saloon under construction, October 1913. Sadly, this room - like the rest of the ship - would never know its full beauty.
  3. Britannic

    By the well known maritime artist John Nicholson depicting the ship in the latter part of her life
  4. Britannic

    Through the work of some skilled artist, the Britannic is shown as she would have appeared while in peacetime service. The original image is actually a late 1915 hospital ship view that has been heavily worked over. The large gantry davits shown on the ship’s stern were never actually installed, a
  5. Farewell BRITANNIC

    Advertisement on the withdrawal of the last White Star liner in 1960. She arrived at Inverkeithing on December 19th for scrapping.
  6. Britannic

    Britannic at anchor in unknown port.
  7. Britannic

    Artist unknown
  8. MV Britannic

    This is a fine view White Star lines first motor vessel the Britannic of 1930. She would become a Cunard White Star liner from 1934 onwards. A survivor of troopship service throughout World War 2, she would sail on as a passenger liner in her original company colors, until she was the last remainin
  9. MV Britannic

    The foredeck of the MV Britannic is seen in the late 1930’s during an arrival in New York. Passenger luggage has been gathered on deck, and some tourist class passengers are seen coming up on deck to view the city skyline.
  10. Britannic

    A less commonly seen view of the Britannic in her Hospital Ship colors photographed at an unknown location. She appears to be having coal loaded onboard.
  11. RMS Britannic's Grand Staircase

    A supposedly EXTREMELY rare photo of Britannic's finished 1st Class Grand Staircase. Note the difference between hers and her sisters in that she has a painting in place of a clock.
  12. Britannic

    Postcard issued by Cunard White Star Line for the penultimate Atlantic liner of White Star Line
  13. Britannic

    Britannic fitting out at Harland and Wolff Shipyard, 1915. Olympic is behind Britannic.
  14. Olympic and Britannic

    Olympic (L) and Britannic (R) at Southampton, 1915.
  15. Britannic

    Britannic in hospital ship service, WWI.
  16. Britannic Fitting Out

    Britannic fitting out, 1915. In front of her is Justicia and an unknown battleship in the foreground. Photo was previously IDed as Olympic, but the davit at the base of the first funnel discounts this.
  17. HMHS Britannic

    The Hospital Ship Britannic is seen at Mudros Harbor, Greece on October 3, 1916. This view provides an excellent view of the huge Gantry style davits used to launch the large clusters of lifeboats installed around the liners forth funnel. Britannic would strike a mine and sink in the Aegean Sea, l
  18. Britannic

    White Star Line The impressive, two deck high 1st Class Dining Room
  19. Britannic

    White Star Line The ship's luxurious 1st Class Lounge
  20. Britannic

    Early in her career with White Star Line
21-40 of 55 Results