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  1. New York Harbor, February, 1939

    European passenger liners jam New York's water front in February, 1939. Four of the five largest would be lost within the next five years.
  2. RMS Britannic at sea

    "Cunard-White Star motor liner Britannic was the last ship to carry White Star colors on the Atlantic"

    Shortly before the outbreak of WWII a program of small controlled minelayers had been put in hand for the Royal Navy. Originally named M1 to M8, these vessels were given miner names and thus became Miner I to Miner VIII. Britannic was built as M5 by Philip (Dartmouth) and fitted with a Ruston Horns

    Auckland 1960's Jorgen Lonn negative

    Shaw Savill and Albion Line's BRITANNIC, built in 1967 by A.Stephen at Glasgow, was photographed at Avonmouth by the late Dick Parsons. She became N.Z.WAITANGI in 1974, then the Greek SERIFOS in 1980, being broken up at Alang where she arrived on 7.5.96

    Great to see Chris' shot of her at Dunedin. This is one I took of her being moved in September 1967 during fitting out as there was a launch, the last to be exact, from the Barclay Curle yard on the other side of the river.

    MV Britannic at Dunedin 1968. Built 1967 by Alex Stephan for SSA. 1972 to SCNZ and renamed NZ Waitangi. 1981 sold and renamed Serifos. 1985 broken up.
  8. Trio

    These models are my favorites of my liners, (left to right) Olympic, Titanic and Britannic. They are 100% made by me, the draw, cut and everything else. Titanic I finished in October 2005, November-December Britannic in 2005 and Olympic in December-January 2006.
  9. Britannic

    Britannic en plena navegación, la fotografía está hecha desde el Mauretania. (Britannic full navigation, a photo is made from the Mauretania)
  10. Britannic

    The British Ocean Liner M/S Britannic. From a magazine in my collection dated to 1935.
  11. m.v. BRITANNIC

    m.v. BRITANNIC royal docks london aug 1970 ILLYRIC is just ahead of her.
  12. Britannic

    the Britannic as a hospital ship built Harland + Wolff Belfast for White Star line

    SHAW SAVILL & ALBION BUILT 1967 GROSS 12,360 LENGTH 540 ft BREADTH 74 ft Speed 19 knots
  14. Britannic wreck

    This is a picture of my model of the Britannic as she appears today. This was one time a Titanic-model.
  15. Britannic

    Cunard White Star. 1930-60 Maiden Voyage, 28th June 1930. L.712ft. B.82ft. 26,943 tons. Speed 18 knots. Passengers 1,553. NOTE: Square superstructure under wing bridge. The Georgic has curved superstructure under wing bridge. My card. Courtesy of James S Mann. Signed left bottom corner. Rest of car
41-55 of 55 Results