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  1. British Aviator

    British Aviator taken coming up the channel in 1970
  2. British Aviator

    British Tanker Co Ltd. Built 1924. Info in Prev Post by Alastair.

    I think this photo was taken in Falmouth in the late 60's early 70's. Can anyone give information regarding the incident that caused the damage?
  4. British Trident /British Aviator

    A ship to ship transfer (probably LDF) somewhere in the Gulf late summer of 1975. The Trident had just loaded crude at Kharg and was on its way to LEFO (Finnart) v.s. steaming. Pete Smith was C/O on the Aviator. I was 3/O on the Trident. I still remember walking into the mid-ships...
  5. British Aviator

    BPTC 1958 23124 grt 683ft 86ft 16kts
1-5 of 5 Results