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british builder
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  1. BRITISH BUILDER- the final journey?

    Unearthed this old photo of her under tow. She was completed by Doxford's in 1951 and was scrapped at Bruges in 1963. I was wondering if this was her on that final journey.

    BRITISH BUILDER, built by Doxford at Sunderland in 1951, is seen at Adelaide in 1957. She finally berthed at Bruges on 1.9.63 to be broken up.
  3. British Builder

    British Builder (O.N. 184397), another of the British Tanker Co. Ltd.'s 54 post war built 12,000 tonners. Constructed by William Doxford & Sons Ltd. Sunderland, (Yard No. 782), in 1951 she was 490'0" LOA, Breadth 62'0", Summer Draught 27' 7 ¼" with a DWT of 12,270. Unsurprisingly she was powered by
1-3 of 3 Results