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british cormorant
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  1. British Comorant

    BP Tanker Co Ltd
  2. British Comorant

    BP Tanker Co Ltd Built 1961 ex ORIENTAL ENDEAVOUR 1977. Without trading renamed ORIENTAL BANKER. 15,9,1983 Arrived in tow from Singapore, at Ko-Sichang Thailand, for demolition.
  3. British Cormorant

    British Cormorant at Tranmere 11 June 2009
  4. British Cormorant 11 June 2009

    British Cormorant discharging at Tranmere 11 June 2009
  5. British Cormorant

    British Cormorant discharging at Tranmere oil terminal. 11/6/09
  6. British Cormorant

    BPTC 1961 11132 grt 525ft 69ft 15kts
  7. British Cormorant

    The modern "birdy" class loading at Hound Point, built at Samsung in 2005, 63,462grt.
  8. British Cormorant

    Loading at Hound Point.
  9. British Cormorant

    The "British Cormorant" arriving off the Medway for Isle of Grain.
  10. British Cormorant - Suez Canal Transit

    BP tanker "British Cormorant on passage through the Suez Canal Southbound with a full cargo of lube oil, Isle of Grain to Durban S.A.
  11. British Cormorant - Copenhagen

    BP Tanker British Cormorant frozen into Copenhagen Harbour in the bitter winter of 1962/3. The tanker Charlotte Maersk is in the background. It was my first trip as an apprentice and a rude shock to the system after Durban! We were stuck in the ice in the Kattegat for 38 hours until broken out by a
1-11 of 11 Results