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  1. The Engine Room
    I'm starting what I hope is a straightforward request for information about the hatch cover arrangement on older steamers. (Continuing my research on SS Camlough's last voyage in January of 1932) I'd appreciate any comments from folks who have practical experience of ships with boards fitted to...
  2. British Gull

    Looking down The Thames from Higham Bight the BP tanker British Gull is tied up at Alpha Jetty Cliffe where a small tank farm was dedicated to cheapo brands such as Jet and Murco. It was around this time that Burmah Oil was planning yet another Thames refinery on the marshes behind the BP. How...
  3. British Gull 1981

    Alongside British Scientist Summer 1981. Tony Sainty brought the Gull alongside British Scientist just before the VLCC made its final journey to the breakers yard. Sadly, the Gull was not to last much longer after this photo was taken.
  4. British Gull

    BP Tanker Co Ltd. Built 1960.
  5. British Gull

    BP Tanker Co Ltd. Built 1960. Info in Prev Post.
  6. British Gull

    1959 Laid down as BRITISH SEAGULL by Harland & Wolff Ltd Glasgow. ( Yard No 1589 ) 29.12.1959 Launched as BRITISH GULL. 29.4.1960 Completed. 6.1960 Transferred to the Clyde Charter Co Ltd. 1972 Transferred to BP. 1976 Converted into a depot ship for laid up BP tankers at Brunei Bay. 4.1982...
1-8 of 8 Results