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  1. British Gunner

    British Tanker Co Ltd Built 1922. Info in prev post.
  2. British Gunner

    10.8.1922 Launched by Swan, Hunter & Wigham, Richardson, Newcastle (Yard No 1130) for the British Tanker Co Ltd. 10.1922 Completed. 24.2.1941, Whilst on a voyage in convoy OB 289 from Swansea to Aruba, was sunk by a torpedo from a German submarine U-97, at a position 61. 09N.12.04W, near the...
  3. British Gunner

    It's surprising how big the propeller was even on a smaller tanker. Yours truly making the comparison.
  4. British Gunner

    At drydock in Amsterdam February 1968. Lived aboard with all the noise while the Supers lived in a hotel up the road. Didn't seem right really!! Great little ship though.
  5. British Gunner

    British Gunner 1954 loading at Swansea for Wellington NZ after that Mina for Little Aden.the first British Tanker to have a permanant tiled swiming pool
  6. Where's the sun?

    Is'nt it frightening how young we looked!! Me as a second trip Uncert 3rd Mate on the British Gunner in late 67/early 68.
1-6 of 6 Results