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  1. British Hawthorn

    Better include some of the Tree class. Hawthorn being a bush isn't exactly a Tree ..... however thats what she was called. As has been noted I am posting the BP Tankers with the proper funnel colours at least, just can't avoid the dreaded, hated, despised grey paint here and there. This class...
  2. British Hawthorn

    BP Tanker Co Ltd Built 1964 Tree Class
  3. British Hawthorn

    BP Tanker Co Ltd Tree Class Built 1964 Gross Tons 13119 Dwt Tons 20551
  4. British Hawthorn

    British Hawthorn berthed at Purfleet. Esso Fawley passing up/down river? 1973ish.
1-4 of 4 Results