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  1. British Hazel

    Tree class (Twigg) Completed 5.1964. Sold to Saudi Arabia and renamed PETROSTAR XVII.1983. Renamed NEJMAT EL PETROL XVII. 1988 Sold renamedFAL XXII. 1989 Sold Renamed AL HAMRIA. Sold renamed FAL XVIII. 8.1.2003, Demolished at Alang.
  2. Tanker British Hazel

    British Hazel anchored off Redcar awaiting her berth where she is due to load
  3. British Hazel

    Joined her in Swansea and went down to Freetown and Lagos, cement ships all over, had five weeks there in and out as we where carrying ATK, had some good times on this ship, some good blokes, Sid Plumb was the Old Man and Jono Dixon 3/0. Brian
1-3 of 3 Results