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british kestrel
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  1. British Kestrel

    Seen arriving at North Shields 4 May 1974 she was built by Wm Hamilton at Port Glasgow 1962 with a gross tonnage 11,171.

    BRITISH KESTREL, built at Port Glasgow in 1962, was photographed passing Portishead, inbound for Avonmouth, on 30.4.72 She was sold to China in 1976 and renamed SUNJIANG; breaking commenced up at Shanghai on 1.6.83

    On sea trials-Hamilton Glen yard built 1962-SUNJIANG 76-BU Shanghai 1983-

    BRITISH KESTREL, built by Wm.Hamilton at Port Glasgow in 1962, was photographed in Avonmouth's oil basin by the late Dick Parsons. She was sold in 1976 to China and renamed SUNJIANG under the British flag, nominally owned by Peninsular Shipping of Hong Kong, a subsidiary of Ocean Tramping Co...
  5. British Kestrel

    Not a great photo but yet another of the new Birdie boats, this time the Kestrel, seen here departing Fremantle Pilot Station after discharge. She was only a few months old at the time. A few years before it was very rare for two BP ships to be in the same place at the same time, so small was...
  6. British Kestrel

    Loading at Hound Point in somewhat overcast conditions.
1-7 of 7 Results