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  1. British Merlin

    BRITISH MERLIN alongside in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, on 10 August 2103.
  2. British Merlin

    BP Tanker Co Ltd. Built 1962.

    BRITISH MERLIN, built at Glasgow in 1962, was photographed transiting the Great Belt southbound on 24th August 1975 She had sailed as BP ENTERPRISE between 1965 and 1968 Later: 1977 LSCO BASILAN 1982: PNOC BASILAN (Philippine National Oil) explosion and on fire off La Union Province...
  4. British Merlin

    British Merlin at Avonmouth 10 July 1972

    Photo 27 June 2005 : Spithead Lined up for the 2005 Fleet Review, taken the evening before the review.
  6. British Merlin

    British Merlin at Tranmere 31 October 2009
  7. Copenhagen

    British Merlin heading into the depths of Copenhagen in the summer of 72.
  8. British Merlin

    IMO number 9258870 Call Sign VQOG5 Gross tonnage 63661 Crude Oil Tanker Built 2003 Registered Isle of Man Photographed at Fawley from Calshot Spit, Southampton water.
1-8 of 8 Results