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  1. British Officer

    BRITISH OFFICER departing Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, on Wednesday, 2 October 2019.
  2. British Officer

    BRITISH OFFICER departing Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, on Wednesday, 2 October 2019.
  3. British Officer

    Finding two BP tankers tied up at Newcastle Quay on the morning of 10 March 1973 was never going to mean good news for the vessels which were in the course of disposal. The 1955 British Officer is seen with the 1951 British Seafarer behind. I was very fond of these well proportioned unflashy...
  4. British Officer

    22.8.1922 Launched by Palmer's Shipbuilding & Iron Company Ltd, Newcastle (Yard No 934) for the British Tanker Co Ltd. 11.1922, Completed. 1.12.1940 Whilst on a voyage from Sheerness to . Tyne, exploded a mine at a position 1/2 mile east of north pier of the R. Tyne, and was beached to...
  5. British Officer

    26.10.1954 Launched by W. Hamilton & Co Ltd, Port Glasgow (Yard No 500). 1.1955 Completed. 29.3.1973. Arrived at Villanueva y Geltru Spain, for demolition. Resold and 13.5.1973 Arrived at Castellon for demolition.
  6. British Officer

    BP Tanker Co Ltd Built 1955 Gross Tons 11362 Dwt Tons 15839 Origin Unknown
  7. View over the side.

    View over the side of British Officer speeding across the ocean delivering it's precious cargo!!
  8. Top of engine

    Top of 6 cylinder opposed piston B and W engine fitted to British Officer. Apologies for the poor quality and also for the fact that I cannot remember whether the photo is looking for'd or aft. I'm sure someone will come up with the answer.
  9. What a mess!!

    British Officer alongside at Palmers, Hebburn June/July 1965 for annual drydocking. Must have been sunday as there is not a soul in sight!!
  10. Two generations!

    British Officer with unknown bird boat alongside her at Palmers, Hebburn June/July 1965
  11. Rolling home across the Bay

    British Officer, rolling heavily at times, homeward bound across the Bay - late November 1965. I've just noticed that there are no watertight doors on the foc'sle entrances, just boards and the starboard side ones seem a bit sparse.
  12. Monkey Island

    Packed with all the latest navigational aids of the day. Nice wooden deck though, bet that cost a few quid!!
  13. British Officer at Mina

    Loading clean oil parcels at the south jetty, Mina al Ahmadi in august 1965 for Monrovia, Lagos & Port Harcourt. The bulk of the cargo had been loaded at Abadan.
  14. British Officer

    View for'd from the swimming pool. Rolling along through the monsoon towards the Red Sea from Abadan.
  15. British Officer

    Broken down with a scavenge fire and rolling around beautifully. Oh to be an Engineer at these times!!
  16. British Officer

    Built by W Hamilton 1955 I think, another BP 16. With the derrick up and the accommodation ladder out I can only think she is approaching Suez for a canal transit sometime during the latter half of 1965. 2nd trip Apprentice on this one, not responsible for the paint job on the main deck though!!
1-16 of 16 Results