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  1. British Poplar

    Having discharged at Purfleet in 1974 the BP tanker British Poplar is seen outward bound at Tilbury with the sea pilot boarding. Built 1965 she was 13,530 gr tons.
  2. British Poplar

    BP's British Poplar is outward bound at Gravesend 30 November 1974. Built in 1965 she was 13,530 gr tons. Handsome vessels as they were they perhaps could not quite match the charisma of some of the earlier classes.
  3. British Poplar

    BRITISH POPLAR 1965 13530 tgr BP . blt Eriksberg/Gothenburg 82-UTILITAS 91-ALCANTARA B/up Alang 6-9-95 Suggestions welcome.
  4. British Poplar

    BP Tanker Co Ltd. 1.4.1965, Launched by Eriksberg M/V ab,Gothenburg (Yard No 590).10.1965 Completed.1982 Sold to Italy, and renamed UTILITAS. 1991 Sold Italy renamed ALCANTARA. 1995 Sold to Indian shipbreakers. 6.9.1995, Anchored off Alang. 26.9.1995, Beached. 30.10.1995 Work commenced.
  5. British Poplar

    near Rouen, July 1982
  6. British Poplar

    at Rouen, July 1982
1-6 of 6 Results