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  1. Port Said

    Port Said harbor showing British Prestige and Stelvio (white ship in middle).
  2. British Prestige

    Per slide: Tremendous length of tanker, Port Said.
  3. Myself as D/C on British Prestige

    Looking cool and a man of the World. Not sure about the socks with the shorts and the sandals though. Last in this short series the two others might cause some embarrassment to myself and the others concerned.
    Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
  4. 2/O British Prestige 1968

    Hard watch for John Smith ? 2/O on the British Prestige in the Mozambique Channel
  5. British Prestige Officers Bar 1968

    Engineer Cadets birthday party. 2/E's wife, R/O, 2/E, 3/E and E Charlton Elect.
  6. British Prestige

    23.12.1930, Launched by Lithgows Ltd, Port Glasgow (Yard No 850) for the British Tanker Co Ltd. 3.1931 Completed. 13.11.1940, Sustained mine damage off Humber Boom. 9.12.1956 Arrived at Swansea.24.2.1956 for demolition. 29.2.1956 Arrived at Briton Ferry for demolition.After being re-allocated...
  7. British Prestige

    BP Tankers
  8. British Prestige

    BP Tanker Co Ltd Gross Tons 27045 Dwt Tons 44878 28,7,1961 Launched by Vickers-Armstrong (Shipbuilders) Ltd, Barrow in Furness ( Yard No 1058 ) Completed 2,1962 30,4,1975 Arrived at Kaohsiung for demolition. 10,11,1975 Kuo Tah Enterprise Co Ltd, commenced work.

    On sea trials Vickers Armtrong Barrow built 1962-BU Kaohsiung 1975-not a long life on sea-
  10. British Prestige 1962

    BPTC 1962 27480 grt 710 ft 95 ft 16.5 kts
  11. British Prestige Officers Smokeroom/Bar

    Birthday party for the Engineering Cadet standing to the left in the shorts. Standing next to him Eddie Charlton Elect. And sitting in front of those two is Isaac Black C/O, R/O from Blackpool is sitting right in front, he sold me his Pye Cambridge when he left a brilliant radio. Furthest right...
  12. British Prestige off Cape Town 1968

    42,000 ton British Prestige on her way to the Gulf taking stores and mail at Cape Town in the days before the helicopter service. Can anyone remember the name of the boat that was used? I was second trip D/C joined 05/68 left 12/68
  13. Homeward Bound

    British Prestige heading for the Isle of Grain, taken from the Clyde Pioneer. We were romping back to Grangemoth from Italy in ballast at about 12½ knots when the Prestige overhauled us like we were standing still and vanished over the horizon. Sorry for the poor quality of the picture, taken...
1-13 of 13 Results