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  1. British Queen Passing Istanbul 1970/1971

    Heading for Russia; Novorosisk. No it is not red paint on the deck.

    A corner of the BP tanker's Turbine Room when out on trials.
  3. British Queen

    3rd Mate (me) on the right, and 2nd Mate (Ted Charlton?) at the crews ramadan party on British Queen 1973
  4. British Queen - South Atlantic

    Yours truely on watch on the British Queen in 1973. Not as thin, and nowhere near as much hair nowadays!
  5. British Queen

    BP Tanker Co Ltd 16.9.1959 Launched by J. Brown & Co (Clydebank) Ltd (Yard No 704). 12.1959 Completed and transferred to the Charter Co Ltd, London. 1972 Transferred to the BP Tanker Co Ltd. 8.4.1975 Arrived at Kaohsiung for demolition.
  6. British Queen

    BP Tanker Co Ltd Built 1959
  7. British Queen

    BP Tanker Co Ltd Built 1959 Broken Up 16.6.75. at Kaohsiung.
  8. British Queen

    My one and only tanker, which I joined in Finnart and paid off in Falmouth on returning to the UK. She was the best feeder by a mile and had some real characters among the crew. There was Phony Tony, Manky Frankie, Rigor Mortis and Dougie the dog, but that's another story......
1-8 of 8 Results