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  1. British Reliance Suez Canal

    British Reliance transiting the Suez Canal North to South 18/01/99
  2. British Reliance at sea

    British Reliance at sea early 1999
  3. British Reliance

    BP Tanker Co Ltd Built 1950

    British Petroleum Company's BRITISH RELIANCE was photographed by the late Dick Parsons, possibly at Swansea. Built by Sir John Laing & Sons Ltd at Sunderland in 1950, she was sold at Swansea in April 1973 to become BANGOR BAY, then in 1974 OCEAN PRINCESS before arriving at Castellon, Spain...
  5. Airmail

    British Reliance of Cape Town 18.03.77. Court Line helicopter arrives with mail, Walport movies, fresh food and crew.
  6. B P Tankers at Nagasaki

    Taken from the British Inventor on its way to dry-dock. British Reliance immediately to port and the British Resource off the port bow. The British Ranger was also about as well. Taken May 1975
  7. British Reliance

    British Reliance sea trials off Nagasaki - 1975
1-7 of 7 Results