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  1. British Sergeant Red Sea 1st Jan 1960

    Clear of the canal and heading Abadan for orders and about to get a bit warmer ... and how. When we got to Ras al Hadd it was just after tea in the evning and we were sitting in our cabin having a smoke and reading a book when we altered course northwards ..... Oh Boy .... SWEAT ... the tap...
  2. British Sergeant at Avonmouth with Esso Poole Dec 1959

    Esso Poole passing British Sergeant in Avonmouth. Seem to remember it was a small berth with a swinging boom at stern of British Sergeant as I got across the dock from the ship to take the photo. Barnsey
  3. British Sergeant Early 1969

    Still in the North Sea. Seas were actually coming over midships accommodation had to nip out at quieter times. Ship was still in the process of changing over to new colours. Funnel done decks still grey. The Cadets had the pleasure of holystoning the midships decks in weather like this.
  4. British Sergeant taking another beating North Sea early 1969

    On our way to Norway from IOG or Gravenchon. O.M. was J Lambert. C/O I can picture but cannot name also 2/O, x2/O Phil Sergeant appropriately, 3/O a blank. Deck Cadets myself, Rick Frankis, who I believe disappeared into Head Office and George Tomlinson. A good time for us 3 with very little...
1-4 of 4 Results