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  1. British Sportsman

    12.10.1950 Launched by Swan, Hunter & Wigham , Richardson Ltd, Wallsend (Yard No 1791), for the British Tanker Co Ltd. 2.1951 Completed. 24.1.1972, Arrived at Inverkeithing for demolition. OK Barnsey and Alastair what port is this, sailing ship and all.
  2. British Sportsman

    BP Tanker Co Ltd
  3. British Sportsman

    BP Tanker Co Ltd Built 1951 Gross Tons 11.231 Dwt Tons 16.798
  4. British Sportsman

    British Sportsman 11231 grt. Built 1951 by Swan Hunter, Wallsend for B P Tanker Co. Ltd. Seen arriving at Avonmouth 10 May 1965 from Aden.
  5. British Sportsman

    Tank Cleaning in the North Sea. One of 20 16,800 dwt tankers ordered to rebuild the fleet after WW II and delivered from the late 40's through the earley 50's. They were "stretched" versions of a 12,500dwt design and had the same tank configuration of 9 x 3. The Sportsman was built by Swan...
1-5 of 5 Results