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  1. British Statesman a 42' for those who loved them

    One of the 42's which were probably the best proportioned of this design. The 35, 32 and 15's were all lovely and the 15's the most loved but the 42's were lovely ships and have their own fan club. I was on British Power.

    BRITISH STATESMAN 1959 27586 tgr BP Tankers blt H&W. Belfast b/up Kaohsiungh 4-4-75. after only 16 years.
  3. British Statesman

    5.10.1922, Launched by Sir James Laing & Sons Ltd, Sunderland (Yard No 685), for the British Tanker Co Ltd. 1.1923 Completed. 9.4.1941. Damaged by aircraft whilst off Harwich. 9/10.5.1941, Damaged by aircraft whilst off Spurn Head. 7.1953 Sold for demolition. 10.7.1953, Arrived at Bo'ness.
  4. British Statesman

    BP Tanker Co Ltd Built 1959 Info in Prev Post
  5. British Statesman

    At anchor with British Ambassador 1959
  6. British Statesman

    Arriving Mina al Ahmadi 1959
  7. British Statesman

    Pilot launch leaving British Statesman 1959
  8. British Statesman

    Pilot leaving British Statesman
  9. British Statesman

    Playing deck cricket. I made a bit of a mess with this image yesterday. My apologies
  10. British Statesman

    Painting funnel British Statesman 1959
  11. British Statesman

    Deck cricket on British Statesman 1959
  12. British Statesman

    British Statesman at anchor 1959. I think it was in a Scottish loch
  13. British Statesman

    BP Tanker Co Ltd Tanker Charter Co Ltd Launched 27.11.1958. Completed 18.4.1959. Demolition comenced @ Kaohsiung 6.5.1975
  14. British Statesman

    BP Tanker Co Ltd 27.11.1958; Launched by Harland & Wolff Ltd, Belfast (Yard No 1572). 8.4.1959 Completed. 6.1959;Transferred to the Tanker Charter Co Ltd. 1972 Transferred to the BP Tanker Co Ltd. 4.4.1975 Arrived at Kaohsiung for demolition.5.4.1975; Sold to the Nissho-Iwai American Corp, New...
  15. British Statesman

    BPTC 1959 27586 grt 710 ft 95 ft 16 kts
  16. British Statesman

    The "British Statesman" off Port Said.
1-17 of 17 Results