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  1. British Steel

    Date of completion: 19.10.84 Flag: GBR Builder: Harland & Wolff ,Location of yard: Belfast Tons: 90831 2001 she became GOOD LUCK

    Good to see the shots of her building and going on trials; thought these two might be of interest, taken at Hunterston in the 1980s when the local WSS Branch went on board.

    Stern shot. Her Master was Irish I think. Can't remember who crewed them then, maybe Furness Withy?
  4. H & W 1720 - British Steel

    Here you are in your BIRTHDAY SUIT Tmac, complete with suitable frame, cheers, Kenny. Taken Nov. 1983
  5. British Steel

    For Tmac1720 on your birthday! cheers Kenny. You you'd have been about 2 weeks then.
  6. mabel warwick, bay of biscay

    frank and frank washing down, somewhere in the bay of biscay, winter, 1972
  7. mabel warwick, segunto, spain

    mabel warwick loading iron ore, segunto spain, 1972
  8. Mabel Warwick, Sagunto, Spain

    Mabel Warwick, loading iron ore, Sagunto, Spain, 1972
  9. Mabel Warwick

    Mabel Warwick unloading steel, Genoa, winter 1972
1-10 of 10 Results