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  1. British Swift in proper colours

    This is a scan of a slide taken on my first 'Birdy Boat' ... British Swift in 1963. A rare colour photo of a 'Birdy Boat' still in the 'proper" BP tanker colours. Note the Nav Apps hard at work swinging vales flushing up 1 centre over the deck. In case you think you might have been...
  2. British Swift

    BP Tankers. Clyde Charter Co. Built 1959. Birdie Class. Info in prev post.
  3. British Swift

    BP Tanker Co Ltd Clyde Charter Co Ltd Built 1959. Birdie Class 1977 renamed NOAH VI. 1882 Collided with CAST GULL and proceeded into Bahrain. 1998 owners, flag and port of registry deleted from LLoyd's Register. 2000, LLoyd's Register entry deleted- continued existence in Doubt.

    Barry Docks 2/8/1977
  5. British Swift

    'Bird' class "British Swift" sailing from Isle of Grain. Completed by Scotts in 1959 she was sold for futher trading in 1975 and renamed "Noah VI". In 1982 she but into Bahrein with collision damage and has presumably since been broken up.
  6. British Swift unloading Drums - Chittagong

    m.v. British Swift unloading a cargo of drums, Motor Spirit and Kerosene I think, into lighters. British Swift was the second of BP's "Bird Class" I sailed on and we did about 4 months on what we used to call the "Indian Coast" run. Picture taken in 1967 from memory. The Swift, 16,041 dwt, was...
  7. British Swift

    The 'Bird' class "British Swift" sailing from Isle of Grain.
1-7 of 7 Results