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  1. British Trader Cargo Control Room

    British Trader Cargo Control Room

    The CCR during a quiet spell. The entire cargo system was controlled from in here. No mimic boards or suchlike, all computerised. To start/stop pumps, open valves etc all you had to do was point and click with a mouse. Quite a good system, and it worked well. The four screens in the certain of the t
  2. My Cabin

    My Cabin

    My cabin whilst aboard the British Trader. This was one of the Spare Officer Cabins (4 in total), the actual designated Officers cabins were larger, and each had it's own computer terminal and fridge. I don't know why I didn't shut that drawer!
  3. British Trader Pool

    British Trader Pool

    Just outside the Officers bar was the Swimming pool, connected to the bar but what passed for French windows (Fire regulations etc.). Quite a pleasant place to sit with the lads having a few beers after finishing cargo or at sea for pre dinner drinks. One of the problems encountered with the pool wa
  4. British Trader Officers Bar/Lounge

    British Trader Officers Bar/Lounge

    The Bar/Lounge area was pretty massive, and as well as this space both Officers and Crew had their own separate Dining Saloons, Duty Mess, TV/Cinema Room, Library and of course Laundry. Indeed, even the bathrooms had under floor heating! The original design had an extra deck of accommodation, which
  5. British Trader Officers Bar

    British Trader Officers Bar

    This place was our little bolt hole, and my cabin was next door (tragedy, eh?). As the ship was only 9 months old or so, we hadn't had much of a chance to fit out the bar. She hadn't been to many particularly nice places in that time either, which didn't help. At the time most BP ships bars had been
  6. British Trader alongside Cove Point

    British Trader alongside Cove Point

    Taken on a run ashore from Cove Point LNG Terminal, Cheaspeake Bay, USA on the 3rd September 2003. This was a only a week or two after the terminal had been reactivated after a couple of decades out of use. As I recall we were there for almost 5 days trying to discharge. In the end we gave up as a
  7. British Trader Horse Racing

    British Trader Horse Racing

    Another night in the crew bar, taken on the 17th August 2003. Almost everyone is in this one, aside from the Old Man (covering the watch on the bridge) and the Duty Watchkeeper. Rather than try to remember everyone's names, I'll include the crewlist so as to give some idea of who we had onboard: A
  8. Horse Racing

    Horse Racing

    Some traditions never die, and horse racing is one of them. Indeed, the Filipinos take it VERY seriously. This was taken in the crew bar on the 20th July 2003. From memory, those in the photo are L-R; Fitter R. Antonio, Oiler E. Pastrana, Oiler E.Mantiles, OS Marvin Ramos, , Oiler Joe Garcia, 3/O G
  9. Lifeboat Drencher

    Lifeboat Drencher

    A similar system was fitted around the lifeboats. Their primary function here is to protect the crew from any fire during boarding of the lifeboat and abandonment, this system also covered the liferafts. As can be seen, it certainly discharged a fair amount of water and you got a real soaking, howev
  10. Waterspray Test

    Waterspray Test

    Another exercise, this time whilst at sea on a ballast passage was to test the ships drenching system. Basically, there are pipes running all around the ship fitted with sprinklers. These perform two functions, that of dousing any fire that can develop (used in conjunction with the ships Dry Powder
  11. British Trader Fast Rescue Craft

    British Trader Fast Rescue Craft

    About to be swung inboard, the davit setup can now be clearly seen.
  12. Fast Rescue Craft

    Fast Rescue Craft

    As explained yesterday, here is the British Traders FRC being brought back aboard. We took the opportunity of a couple of days at anchor to do a series of Man overboard etc exercises, and gave all onboard a chance to be in and drive the boat.
  13. British Trader Funnel

    British Trader Funnel

    Very stumpy, the reason being that she had to fit under a bridge in Boston harbour. Note the spoiler at the aft end, apparently it's aerodynamically efficient, lifts off smoke etc. a treat.
  14. British Trader looking Fwd

    British Trader looking Fwd

    Looking from aft to forward whilst unloading LNG at Lake Charles. Although the ambient temperature outside is approaching 30 degrees C, with the corresponding humidity, the Chicksans are caked in ice, as you'd expect, since the cargo is at -163 deg C. Massive accommodation block on this ship, all si
  15. Fast Rescue Boat

    Fast Rescue Boat

    This was our onboard FRC, and was capable of 30 knots. This primary use for this boat is in Man overboard situations. Whereas in the past you would have to make ready a Lifeboat, the FRC is the preferred method today. Manned with a crew of 3, normally in BP it was the 2/O, 3/E and an AB. It's design