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  1. British Trident 1986

    British Trident lay up mother ship. A vessel was laid up with a ship's cat "Djibout". So we laid up the vessel "Menantic" and its cat. We looked after the cat well, and when the the Master requested the cat back when the vessel was returned to service we duly obli
  2. British Trident /British Aviator

    A ship to ship transfer (probably LDF) somewhere in the Gulf late summer of 1975. The Trident had just loaded crude at Kharg and was on its way to LEFO (Finnart) v.s. steaming. Pete Smith was C/O on the Aviator. I was 3/O on the Trident. I still remember walking into the mid-ships...
  3. British Trident

    British Trident alongside at Las Palmas listed to 15 degrees ish to enable the hull to be cleaned and repainted. Seem to remember very steep alleyways in the accom.
  4. 2 Ladies in my life late 1975

    Only 1 is still with me. My wife of less than six months on one of her visits to the British Trident at Finnart. This was in the days when almost anyone could get into the terminal and you could park your car at the end of the jetty. It's different days now. Last time I was at Finnart was to...
  5. British Trident at Finnart 1975

    Testing the lifeboat engine or trying to pass a few hours
  6. British Trident at Finnart 1975/1976

    A 5 month trip consisted of joining the ship in R.A.K., loading in Kharg then into the middle of the Gulf to load a condensate spike from the British Aviator from there a very slow steam round the Cape to Finnart to be used as floating tankage for a couple of months.
1-6 of 6 Results