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  1. Britsih Vigilance in Suez Canal mid 60's

    Just twigged on how to recognise the British Vigilance and British renown ..... they had extraordinarily high radar masts compared with any other 16. this narrows this photo down to the Vigilance because of the length of the name ... plus the pair had square windows instead of ports...
  2. British Vigilance

    BP Tanker Co Ltd Built 1957 Just for you Barnsey i know you just love this ship.
  3. British Vigilance

    BP Tanker Co Ltd Built 1957
  4. British Vigilance

    BP Tanker Co Ltd Launched 20.12.1956. Completed 5. 1957. Laid up at Rosyth 14.1.1972 15.12.1973 Arrived in tow at Vinaroz for demolition.
  5. British Vigilance

    British Vigilance ... rounding ''The Cape'' non stop. The Old Man thought he would post some mail ... full of bright ideas he was!!! Everyone was allowed to write one letter !!! He stuffed a carton of **** and a few quid in for postage. We found a fishing boat, steamed across its bows ( makes a...
1-5 of 5 Results