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  1. British Willow

    NZ Coast 1969
  2. British Willow

    2003 Tsuneishi. Imo 9251822 Dwt 106500 Gt 57567 Flag:Isle of Man Genoa, 24 sept. 2008
  3. British Willow

    At Hound Point
  4. British Willow

    steaming passed us rockall 07
  5. British Willow

    steaming passed us rockall 07
  6. British Willow

    Sailed on the Willow in 1975, hot summer NW Europe 36 ports in four months, was a cracker of a run and a good crowd of lads, we left our mark on the quay in Antwerp, the Old Man went mad and blamed the cadets who got the job of cleaning it up. I purchased this pic abt 25 yrs ago
  7. British Willow

    British Willow in the approaches to Stockholm in January 1967
1-7 of 7 Results