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  1. Bretagne Arrival

    The Bretagne seen arrivng in Portsmouth. 28th September 2010

    Portsmouth 30 May 2010.
  3. Normandie Express

    Photographed at Portsmouth Dockyard on 22 April 2010 Normandie Express was out of service with engine trouble. The problem only occurred just before the ship was due to re-enter service. A connecting rod broke in one of the engines, which damaged the crankshaft, which needs replacing Normandie Ex
  4. Cap Finistere

    South of Start Pt on 31-03-2010
  5. Normandie

    The Brittany Ferries ferry Normandie Seen entering Portsmouth Harbour. Seen 24th March 2009

    Brittany Ferries' PONT L'ABBE at Millbay Docks, Plymouth 14 April 2007. The grain store / flour mill subsequently totally demolished.
  7. Mont St Michel

    Brittany Ferry Mont St Michel arriving Portsmouth Harbour
  8. Normandie Express

    Brittany Ferries, Normandie Express,,,,,seen from the Pride of Bilbao,,,,,,25.09.2006,,,,,SN Trip
  9. Bretagne

    Bretagne,,,,,Brittany Ferries,,,passing between Jersey and the French coast,,,,taken 17.08.2006
  10. Mont St Michel

    Mont St Michel, seen arriving Portsmouth 18.02.2006
  11. mv "Bretagne"

    A very wet crossing Portsmouth to St Malo May 2002. Thanks to RM for enhancement
1-11 of 11 Results