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    Brixham Trawler Pilgrim, BM45, built 1895
  2. Charlotte Nancy PW14

    Charlotte Nancy at Shoreham after working for Colne Shipping at Lowestoft as the Gordon David. Now working for Seafield Emiel at Brixham as Emilia N Emiel. To her stern can be seen Sara Lena BM 30.
  3. Brixham 2nd January 2007

    Two more of Seafield Emiel's beamers alongside at Brixham for the break, the Lady T Emiel BM2000 and Angel Emiel BM28. On the outside NSA Trawler's Three Sons BM169 formerly Marilyn Jane.
  4. Brixham 2nd January 2007

    Almost all of Brixham's beamer fleet in port ready for the end of the holiday and hopeful easing of the SW weather!
  5. BM181 Sasha Emiel

    Seafield Emiel's Sasha coming alongside the ice quay at Brixham on 2nd January 2007. Formerly Goldcrest BCK40. Ready for a trip as the weather eases.
  6. Sara Lena BM30

    Sara Lena alongside at Shoreham. She was originally operated from Brixham having been built new for that port.
1-6 of 6 Results