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  1. Unidentified Brocklebank ship = MATHERAN

    Would anyone be able to put a name to this Brocklebank ship whose photo has no details. First three letters are MAT......
  2. Brocklebank

    Departing Eastham lock
  3. Brocklebank

    Photographed at Spithead on the 5 June 1994 in her position in the line up for 50th D Day Anniversary Fleet Review Name / Owner: BROCKLEBANK : IMO No: 6420408 / ON 306497 Merseyside Maritime Museum. Flag: United Kingdom (Liverpool). Built for Alexandra Towing Co. Ltd., Liverpool, as a...
  4. Brocklebank

    Brocklebank - Pollock Dock C Belfast June 2010 Smashing looking tug.
  5. The Captain

    A Brocklebank captain, Harold Simpson, and his wife, Kate. Photo undated, but probably mid to late fifties
  6. 1970 Mahsud / Brocklebank

    Acapulco 1970 Derek Roger 2/E; Fish ; 2nd Sparks and Alan Atack C/E. You can just see the Mahsud behind the Sail.
  7. Mahseer

    Taken from Mathura in Columbo harbour May 14 1955
  8. Brocklebank Ships

    My 1250 scale Brocklebank Ships
  9. Malakand 3

    This photograph which I admit is a poor one and has been heavily reworked, was taken from Mahseer outside of Colombo in late 1963 or 1964. At the time I never made a note of the ships name relying on memory (silly). It is only through a process of elimination by comparing this image with those...
  10. Christmas Menu

    ss Mawana 1968 Brocklebank Line. For those who could`nt read it on forum
  11. Trincomalee

    Taken in 1964 when Mahseer loaded prior to its return journey home. I guess its all changed now but I was always struck by how friendly the local inhabitants were
  12. Gan Island

    The picture was taken from Mahseer in 1963 just at the very end of a tropical rain storm. The main interest which does not show up particularly well was the aeroplane on the runway which I think was a Vulcan bomber. It had previously attempted to land unsuccessfully I guess because of the...
  13. Manaar at Djbouti

    Taken in 1966 on the journey home to load sheep skins
  14. Daniel Brocklebank

    Plaque on his house in Whitehaven
  15. Mahseer at Gan

    Apologies for the poor image but it was taken with a standard lens and the slide suffered from neglect since it was taken over 40 years ago
  16. Mahseer at Gan

    As Gan seems to be a favourity topic at the moment I thought I would add this image taken in 1964
  17. Manaar Looking Aft

    Taken in 1966. I can still remember the wonderful smells that used to come from the galley ventilator.
  18. Manaar Loading Colombo

    Taken in 1966. My favourite of all the Brocklebank ships that I sailed on although I freely admit that I never had the chance of sailing on the more modern vessels
  19. Mahseer stern

    One of my favourite images. Taken in Colombo harbour I was actually trying to get a full length shot but by the time I had fiddled with the camera settings we were passing almost underneath !
  20. Manipur fore deck from bridge

    Coming up the Red Sea, blue skies, blue seas, strong breeze and engine room vents turned into the wind. What more could you ask!
1-20 of 30 Results