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  1. Markhor

    Brocklebanks, pc from A Duncan 60's
  2. Markhor (1)

    Markhor (1) King George V Dk Calcutta.
  3. Maiden voyage

    Masirah (2)- T & J Brocklebanks Port Said for the first time outward bound on Maiden voyage 1957
  4. Seychelles Beach 1964

    Sunday Beach Picnic on Mahe Island ss Matra lifeboat in background. Captain Watson-Ross, John Munro c/o and co Beaches were deserted before the airport and hotels were built and tourism established, paradise or close to it !
  5. Masirah

    Alongside Norfolk Virginia autumn 1960. We arrived shortly before Hurricane Donna. As we came in so the US Navy left to ride out the storm at sea. We had every bit of string out so that we did not go walkies. The dock disappeared unde several feet of tide as the hurricanr passed the eye going...
  6. Newsprint Rolls

    Panama City Fla.USA Quayside and lower hold loading paper rolls for UK. ss Matra Oct 1960
  7. Hambantoto Rest House, Ceylon

    Day Away from ss Matra in Colombo.l/r Adrian Needham Dk App,Tony Selman 2nd Sparks, John Munro c/o, Doug Cullen 2nd Steward, Charlie Drought-I think he was 4th Eng/o at this stage of his long career with Brocks. 1964
  8. Maidan & Niels Maersk

    Colombo 1964 Maidan and another Brock alongside other quay, cannot remember which. Taken from Matra.
  9. Mahout 1969

    Night ashore Dec 1969 Pat O'Brians New Orleans. From left Mike Wild Deck cadet, ? engineer, ? 2nd purser,ian jackson deck cadet,?3rd mate, ?engineer, ? eng cadet
  10. Markhor

    Departing Sandheads Pilot homeward bound 1957
  11. Madulsima

    Aden 1958, Ex Rowanmore on Brocklebank charter for three years
  12. Malakand

    at Tampa Fl loading Orange Juice for London. 28 March 1961
  13. Maihar

    Maihar arriving at Garden Reach, Calcutta in 1958. Built 1917, 8071 GRT. sold 1961 r/n Capella-62 Scrapped
  14. Maturata

    Maturata, Brocklebanks, arriving Kidderpore Docks Calcutta 7th October 1960
  15. Masirah

    Masirah (1956) Brocklebank's, at Gan Island (Maldives)29 nov 1960 discharging RAF stores.
  16. Markhor

    Brocklebank's Markhor at Garden reach Bouys Calcutta Feburary 1959. Awaiting a slot in the home schedule.
1-16 of 16 Results