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  1. Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service
    Hello all, my young son and I are restoring a Buccaneer aircraft cockpit ex HMS Victorious recovered by RMAS Pintail and Reclaim in June/July1966 off The Lizard, Cornwall. The crew safely ejected. The fuselage was successfully lifted, the cockpit was a challenge as it slipped and was recovered...
  2. Buccaneer

    Woooosh! FAA Buccaneer in the USA. Exercise Red Flag? (Probably not this a/c but FAA Buccaneers did take part. W/C 15” X 11” Jim
  3. Low Level

    ".. the Admiral, in retirement, took to fly fishing with the same passion and fervour he had in his support for the 'All Big Gun Navy', and his equally passionate opposition to naval Aviation."
  4. Buccaneer launch, HMS Hermes 1962

    Med 1962 - Buccaneer launch

    In 60s-Gotaverken built 50-ANCO STREAM 64- and then the Italian LUISITO 65-SICILTRADER 70-ZENAIDE A 70 i remember her breaking at LA SPEZIA 1979-
  6. Buccaneer

    BUCCANEER 1950 5675 tgr O.A.Anderson Nor.
  7. Buccaneer

1-7 of 7 Results