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  1. Ship Research
    Hi all, I am looking for information on these two ships: The steamship "Adria" weighed 2,655 tons and belonged to the company "Rocco Piaggio". It had been built in 1855 for the Cunard Line company, under the name "Etna". It was scrapped in 1898, having reached the mature age of 45 years. The...

    U.S. Navy ships in Buenos Aires.

    Swedish cargo ship BUENOS AIRES (Johnson Line) of 1957. IMO 5054721.
  4. Buenos Aires

    Name of the white ship at the left starts with SIL___. Of the three small boats in the middle of the photo, the middle one is named MOOREMACK.
  5. Buenos Aires

    Looks to be an early 20th Century view.
  6. Port of Buenos Aires

    North Basin, Port of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photo taken from the Sheraton, September 1, 1980.
  7. Tigre, Lujan River 1981

    Open air market at Tigre, on the Lujan River, outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina. July 1981. This river flows into the Rio de la Plata, and has quite a bit of boat traffic.
  8. Buenos Aires

    "Argentina" Cia General de Navegacion SA Built 1896 3,000 gross tons
  9. Buenos Aires

    Cargo vessels in the Argentinian port in the 1950's
  10. Buenos Aires

    The port of Buenos Aires seen here during the 1920's with its characteristic magazines.
  11. Buenos Aires

    The port of Buenos Aires with its characteristic store houses and a grain steamer moored to the quay. The image was taken in the 1930's.
  12. Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires Docks 1990
  13. Eastbank, Buenos Aires

    Gordon Bruce, app., scraping and preparing the starboard bridge wing varnished front and photographed by me on the port stage c. '53 Who was the nutter who designed a wooden fronted varnished bridge wing on a ship? They took days to scrape, sand and varnish and days to see them go grey again.
  14. Buenos Aires before 1945

    Port of Buenos Aires before 1945 Postcard from my collection
  15. Buenos Aires 1903

    Port of Buenos Aires Postcard from my collection, posted 1903.
  16. Buenos Aires

    View of channel from North Basin out to Intersection with the Buenos Aires yacht club on the right.
  17. Buenos Aires

    Entrance to Dock 4 from North Basin. These docks are now redeveloped from what they were in the 60's and 70's with a tacht marina and the dockside warehouses redeveloped as restaurants.
  18. Buenos Aires

    Vista del Puerto, Buenos Aires Postcard from my collection.
  19. Abandoned Wrecks, La Boca, Buenos Aires

    Darn things are lying all over the place, small freighters, hydrofoils and trawlers.
1-20 of 28 Results