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    Built in 1992-24,139grt-43,139dwt by Oshima Zosensho arriving Teesport .
  2. Lord Hinton.

    Leaving Tyne built by Govan Shipbuilders on the Clyde in 1986-14,201grt.
  3. TOPEKA.

    Built in 2000-40,562grt-74,716dwt bulk carrier owned in Greece, leaving Teesport.
  4. Komatsushima Star.

    Built in 2009-30,816grt for Sanko Line arriving in the Port of Hartlepool.
  5. Orient Cavalier

    Orient Cavalier built 2010-63,993 grt. arriving Teesport.
  6. JADRAN.

    Built 1976-38,551grt-72,149dwt by Sunderland Shipbuilders Deptford Yard [ex.Laings] for Jugolinija Atlanska Plovidba,Yugolsavia.Leaving Palmers Hill for sea trials France Fenwick tugs Ryhope and Cornhill in attendance.
  7. COLIMA.

    Built by Sunderland Shipbuilders in 1985-29,660grt-46,650dwt at the Deptford Yard [ex.Sir James Laing] for Transportacion Maritima Mexicana,fitting out at Manor Quay North Sands [J.L.T.]

    Built by Sunderland Shipbuilders at Pallion the former Doxford Yard in1984-17,882grt-30,850dwt a B30 Type bulk carrier for Pegasis Ocean Services,Greece. Fitting out at Palmers Hill Berth [J.L.Thompson].
101-108 of 108 Results