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    John Winters sent me this for identification. I would say it was BULWARK only because of the choppers.

    Rotterdam, just swinging from the cruise terminal.
  3. HMS Bulwark

    HMS Bulwark on passage from Portsmouth Harbour for her appointment with the ship breakers at Cairnryan in April 1984
  4. HMS Bulwark

    HMS Bulwark
  5. HMS Bulwark arrives Torbay

    HMS Bulwark firing her 11 gun salute on arrival in Torbay, 23 July 2011, for courtesy visit.
  6. Four Carriers (1955)

    Official Royal Navy Photo. Typed on the back is the following, whilst the text says four carriers and four can be seen, only 3 are named. FOUR CARRIERS OPERATE IN NORTHERN WATERS For the first time in history four angled deck aircraft carriers are seen steaming in line astern. They were taking part
  7. Bulwark, then..?

    A closer shot of the carrier with a Beaver just having taken off, somewhere in the South China sea. Does this help in identifying the ship?
  8. Bulwark by majority opinion

    I remember her as the Ark Royal but stand to be corrected. (Now corrected!) Army aircraft (Beaver) coming into land on her in the South China seas. Alas, we were unable to land the other Beaver as the aircraft radio failed and I rank it as on a par with failing to sail around Cape Horn/Magellans as
  9. Bulwark

    Bulwark at Cairnryan waiting for the scrap man - 1984.
  10. Bulwark

    Helicopters from the Canadian aircraft carrier HMCS Bonaventure passing over the British HMS Bulwark on her way in to Malta. From a magazine in my collection dated 1960
  11. H M S Bulwark

    HMS Bulwark alongside Liverpool Cruise Liner stage 8/02/2008
  12. Albion & Bulwark

    HMS Albion with HMS Bulwark astern, Plymouth 14 April 2007.
1-13 of 13 Results