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  1. Bunillidh WK.96

    At Stormy Bank
  2. Bunillidh WK.96

    This was taken after her launching from Herd & Mackenzie`s yard in 1984
  3. Bunillidh WK.96

    This was taken in the late 80`s as Bunnilidh sailed into Clash with a big landing by the looks of it. Glad to see that she is still fishing from the Broch as the Achieve & doing well.
  4. Bunnillidh WK.96

    This was the Bunnillidh after she had just been painted in Wick Harbour
  5. Bunillidh WK.96

    This was taken on the Stormy Bank in 1991 of the Helmsdale owned Seiner Bunillidh, WK.96
1-5 of 5 Results