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  1. C. B. Pedersen

    Lee lower braces. Some makeshift fairleads have been fastened on a corner of the deck-house to allow the braces to be belayed above deck, a place it is obviously dangerous to be at the moment. This is what the Jarvis winch solved wit ha much better solution. Beachcroft photo
  2. C.B. Pedersen

    Looks to me as if they are tarring and white-leading the shrouds, but I cannot see see the stuff anywhere. Practical footwear btw. - and it is cheap Photography by Beachcroft
  3. C. B. Pedersen

    Something to look at. Photo by Beachcroft
  4. C. B. Pedersen

    Aloft and stow... or perhaps reset. Photo by Beachcroft
  5. C. B. Pedersen

    A bit of disorder after a storm. Photo by Beachcroft
  6. C. B. Pedersen

    You would have thought that there had been enough water splashed on the deck, but no, here they are at it again, washing down the deck. Photo by Beachcroft
  7. C. B. Pedersen

    The lashings of some spare spars have loosened and will have to be secured Photo by Beachcroft.
  8. C. B. Pedersen

    Holystoning. ''For six days a week you shall work and do all thou art able - and on the seventh holystone the deck and scrape the cable'' Photo by Beachcroft
  9. C. B. Pedersen

    No ashtrays? - these fellows use the palm of their hands as such
  10. C. B. Pedersen

    A calm is irritating, but you can lower a boat and get a photograph of the whole of your vessel at sea. Photography by Beachcroft A four-masted steel barque built in 1891 by the Continental Lead & Iron Company Ltd., Pertusola, Italy, for Fratelli Accame fu E, Genoa. Her dimensions were...
  11. C. B. Pedersen

    Oh for the life on the rolling waves? You could have put a albatross in the middle there, and it would suit the picture just fine.
  12. C. B. Pedersen

    You haul and pull and then haul some again, and '' if you see someone dragging their hands behind them as they walk, it is either someone that has escaped from the Zoo or a windship sailor.'' Photography by Beachcroft - Maybe that was a picture agency?
  13. C. B. Pedersen

    You might even get wet behind the ears in such weather. Photography by Beachcroft, whose first name is not given
  14. C. B. Pedersen

    C. B. Pedersen, Swedish training ship in port.They are either bending or unbending sail. Photography by Sam Svensson 1924
  15. Workspace 3

    Swedish trading schoolship C. B. Pedersen. I spoke with a man who had sailed on her, told him I wanted to shake the hand of a real square rig sailor. And he then told me of one man who fell from the rigging and burst his head on the bulwarks ''like a watermelon''. Not very inspiring... (I...
1-15 of 15 Results