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  1. Festivities, New Plymouth

    Some major event being celebrated by a lot of people at New Plymouth, NZ, c.1930's. I think that's the FSN's "Hertford"(I), and the freighter on the near side has funnel markings similar to T and J Harrison, but is probably a Mitchell, Cotts tramp. Check out the cars!
  2. Auckland wharves

    Auckland wharves, featuring QE2, a Pacific Forum line ship, and another liner.
  3. Singapore, c.1930's?

    Singapore, c.1930's. The ships are interesting, but check out those cars!
  4. Auckland wharves, c.1930's?

    Auckland wharves in the 1930's? The Westmoreland on the left was sunk in 1942, and New Zealand Star was built 1935.
1-4 of 4 Results