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  1. Tapiola dep. Auckland

    Tapiola departing Auckland c.2000. Tapiola Built: 1978 Mitsubishi, Nagasaki Tonnage: 22,235gt Owners: Wallensius Wilhelmsen 1978: Built as Boogabilla(Rederi Transatlantic) 1989: Tapiola 2004: Converted to RoRo Vehicle carrier, 54,680gt.
  2. Queensland Star (II)

    Taken from Devonport wharf, 2000. Until recently, able to drive right to the end of the wharf for fishing, photography... Queensland Star Built: 1972 as ACT 6 Became Queensland Star, 1992 Broken up, 2003.
  3. Westport (b.1976) departing Onehunga, c.2000

    Cement carrier Westport departing Onehunga, some time in 2000. Passing Taylor's Bay on the Manukau Harbour. Westport Built: 1976 Tonnage: 3,091 Owners: NZ Cement Holdings
1-3 of 3 Results