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  1. Cadet Kneale Barber

    Member Kneale Barber as a cadet on Chindwara around 1958.
  2. Mate and cadet.

    The mate giving a few jobs to a cadet. To the best of my memory this was the BI ship Umaria.
  3. BISN Co. Umaria

    Deck cadet on the old steam ship Umaria.
  4. First trip cadet

    Cadet squaring up prior to departure.
  5. Cadets got the bad jobs

    A young fellow after a morning of greasing everything that moved.
  6. Ga Chau ex Wellpark

    Denholm's Ga Chau (reg Hong Kong) ex Wellpark, built 1977, 18,622 GRT. Denholm's ex cadet training ship
1-6 of 7 Results