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  1. Calcutta 1852

    Pewter's plate - Lloyd Triestino S.p.A.N. Trieste - Italy Trieste Calcutta service
  2. River Hooghly

    Home from home for Bankliners!
  3. Springbank, Calcutta

    In Calcutta c.February/March 1955
  4. Pukka Sahib club, Calcutta

    Cannot remember the name of the club in Calcutta which condescended now and again to bar or disbar us from using it.c.'53
  5. Springbank, Calcutta

    "Sam boat" Springbank in Calcutta (?) March '55
  6. Bank Line ships KG dock Calcutta

    Eastbank, Moraybank, Isipingo alongside transferring gunnies July 53 in King George Docks, Calcutta. Alas, taken with box Brownie of 30's vintage
  7. Tiger Rawes at Victoria Memorial, Calcutta.

    'Tiger' Rawes, engineer SS Malakand on a visit to the Victoria Memorial in Calcutta, 1964
  8. Calcutta Swimming Club c.1964

    View of the shallow end of the pool with the infamous circular float that was the source of much fun and hilarity.
  9. Calcutta

    Kidderpore Dock in 1970. I think the Guan Guan ship at left is "Golden Harbour", built in Canada by Davie S.B. in 1947 as "Bouca" for Chargeurs Reunis and renamed in 1968. She lasted until 1972 when broken up in Shanghai. At right is a Rotterdam Lloyd ship and a Shipping Corporation of India...
  10. Calcutta swiming club

    Some time ago I noticed a photo of the diving boards here and another member mentioned the raft in the middle. Well here it is. Taken 1960.
  11. Markhor (1)

    Markhor (1) King George V Dk Calcutta.
  12. Driving Lessons Indian Style

    Driving school car spotted in, I think Dalhousie Square, Calcutta, 1964. I wonder what today's UK Driving Standards Agency would make of it?
  13. Calcutta Street cobbler

    Calcutta street cobbler, 1964. Note betel juice stains on pavement.
  14. Calcutta shoe Shine

    Calcutta shoe shine boy, 1964. Customer definitely not a babu - coloured dhoti and no socks & suspenders!
  15. Sunset Calcutta

    Sunset Calcutta, anchored in Hooghly below Howrah Bridge.
  16. Calcutta

    A Calcutta dock rather crowded. Not sure which one we were in, possibly Kidderpore.
  17. calcutta 1954

    cut out of a old magazine i found
1-17 of 17 Results