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    UK Jorgen lonn negative -photographer/date unknown Built 1948 for Coast lines 1967 on charter to Brocklebank, renamed Makalla 1968 sold and renmaed Ahmadi Coast 1974 broken up Spain
  2. Caledonian Coast

    Coast Lines 1948 1265 grt 277 ft 40 ft 14 kts built for Aberdeen SN Co
  3. Caledonian Coast

    "Caledonian Coast" off Dungeness.. running mate and twin to "Hibernian Coast". Barnsey
  4. MV Caledonian Coast

    Coast Lines Ltd. Liverpool BRT 1,300 Built 1948 by Hall, Russel & Co, Aberdeen
  5. Caledonian Coast.

    Coast Line. !,480tons. Sorry no info.
1-5 of 5 Results