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  1. Isle of Mull

    The Caledonian MacBrayne ferry Isle of Mull sailing from Oban.

    The fine late summer in the Hebrides has brought tourists flocking to the islands, and this diligent ferry has had a busy end of season!
  3. MV LOCH SEAFORTH (2014)

    This is a simplified waterline model of the most recent ship in the Caledonian MacBrayne fleet, the MV 'Loch Seaforth', built at Flensburg by FSG, and delivered to the Clyde in November 2014. The model is made of styrene, to a scale of 1/175 approx., which works out at 24 inches length overall...
  4. 'Hebridean Isles' model on trials

    My model of the 'Hebridean Isles' now has a functioning bow thruster, and is able to perform its 'tricks' fairly convincingly, including the lifting and lowering of the stern ramp and the bow visor. If you would like to see its performance, please click on the link below.
  5. 'Isle of Mull' passing Duart Castle

    This was taken from the 'Clansman' about 3.45 pm on Saturday 24 May.
  6. 'Clansman' waves!

    This shows the CalMac ferry, MV 'Clansman', buffeting her way through Am Bun Dubh - the (often) rough waters at the northern end of the Sound of Gunna - when sailing to Barra on 22 May 2014.
  7. 'Hebridean Isles' in Union Canal (1)

    My model of the 'Hebridean Isles' has now been completed - to my satisfaction anyway, and in keeping with its primary function as a sailing model. I took it for a sail on the Union Canal on Friday 18th April, a most beautiful day. Apart from some encounters with weed, the sail was eminently...
  8. 'Hebridean Isles' in Union Canal (2)

    As can be seen, the model sits perfectly on its marks, even with a significant number of vehicles on board. Motors etc. are all below the Car Deck, which is more or less exactly as on the real ship. The bow visor and the stern ramp can be raised and lowered by radio control.
  9. 'Hebridean Isles' in Union Canal (3)

    This photograph should give you a view of the various vehicles carried on the stern portion of the Car Deck. The model could carry several more of these (1/76) vehicles without any difficulty whatsoever.
  10. 'Hebridean Isles' model maiden voyage 4

    The model was carrying a model articulated lorry and four other vehicles (two cars and two minibuses). It could carry a full complement of vehicles on its Car Deck without too much difficulty. The buoyancy and stability of this model are remarkable. It floats perfectly on its marks with two...
  11. 'Hebridean Isles' model maiden voyage 3

    This gives an impression of the port side of the model. Control of engines and steering is by means of a Planet T5 five-channel digital system, and it is superb. I have not yet installed a bow thruster, but, given the degree of precise steering that can be achieved with the Becker rudders...
  12. 'Hebridean Isles' model maiden voyage 2

    The model has a full-length Car Deck and an opening bow visor, full size. All the main machinery is below the Car Deck, as on the real ship. The visor is well clear of the cut-water, and there are no difficulties with water ingress. In any case, it has a watertight bulkhead below the forward...
  13. 'Hebridean Isles' model on maiden voyage 1

    The model is 48 inches long, with a beam of 9 inches. The hull is built of 3/16 inch marine plywood, and the superstructure is made of liteply and styrene. The maiden voyage was wholly successful. The model is a delight to sail, and responds superbly to Becker rudders.
  14. 'Hebridean Isles' deconstructed!

    The model of the 'Hebridean Isles' has a 'total access hull'. The bow visor, superstructure and decks lift off in four components. The Car Deck goes right through the model, and can be lifted out, as can the deck at the stern. One of the two 6-volt batteries in the model can be seen...
  15. 'Hebridean Isles' progress 1

    A view of the model on the starboard side. Railings, seats, aerials and many other details remain to be fitted! When is a model complete? Answer: 'Not yet'.
  16. 'Hebridean Isles' progress 2

    This gives an idea of the stern and Car Deck. The model has a 'right-through' Car Deck, with the batteries and motors etc. below the deck, as in the original ship. Becker rudders are installed.
  17. 'Hebridean Isles' progress 3

    This gives a view of the Fast Rescue Craft on the port side. Representations of davits and crane etc. remain to be added.
  18. Hebridean Isles 1

    This will give you some idea of the stage the model has reached. The next step will be to make three lifeboats, and also a Fast Rescue Craft. So far, so good, but it's now that the hard work (i.e. the detail) really begins. Building the hull was very, very easy indeed - far easier than...
  19. Hebridean Isles 2

    Open wide! I hope to install RC control for the visor. That should be relatively straightforward....Perhaps I shouldn't say that, and tempt fate.
1-20 of 39 Results